State Street Brats

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Monday's Specials

Today's Specials

  • 11-4pm: Red brat, french fries, and a soda for $5.

All Specials


  • 11-4pm: Red brat, french fries, and a soda for $5.


  • Flip night! Win the coin flip for %75 off your entire drink order.
  • 11-4pm: Grilled cheese, french fries, and a soda for $5.


  • 11-4pm: Worlds best brat, french fries, and a soda for $5.
  • 4-9pm: 10 wings for $4.
  • Blue Moon & New Glarus products: $3.25 Pints 9$ pitchers $12 Boots


  • 11-4pm: Cheeseburger, french fries, and a soda for $5.
  • 4-9pm: Double stack burger for $2.50.
  • 4-9: Ale Asylum: $3 pints, $8 pitchers, $10 boots.
  • 9pm-Close $1 Rail Mixers and Mixed Shots


  • 11-4pm: Fish sandwich, french fries, and a soda for $5.
  • 4-9pm: Fish fry dinner for $7.
  • Tullamore Dew Whiskey, Absolut Vodka: $6.50 doubles.
  • FAC Special -- Leinenkukels Products $3.25 Pints $9 Pitchers $12 Boots


  • Skyy Vodka: $6.50 doubles.


  • $5 Absolut vodka and Rockstar. $30 pitcher.
  • $5 Absolut screwdriver. $30 pitcher.
  • $5 Absolut bloody mary. $30 pitcher.
  • $10 bottomless mimosas.

Madison Love

  • "Great place to stop for a sandwich with the family. Brats and burgers are always a hit at State Street Brats."
    -Mark C.
  • "State Street Brat is amazing!"
    -Alix J.
  • "I love State Street Brat's! The Food is great, try the Bacon Cheddar Curds. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and quick."
    -Faheem B.
  • "Delicious!! Brauts were cooked well and tasted great!"
    -Nick R.
  • "Brats delights with ample table space, an outdoor patio and the best curds and red brats anywhere."
    -Wilkins K.
  • "The brats are always great. Love the split-grilled taste, and the lightly toasted buns (thanks for not cutting corners on those!)"
    -Bobby B.
  • "The best sports bar in America."
    -Michael P.
  • "I suggest this restaurant to anyone who visits Madison. Make sure you try out the cheese curds and get there early for the cheap beer."
    -John G.
  • "What are you doing sitting at home reading this when you could be at this place having a brat basket? Get over yourself and go have a brat."
    -Joel M.

Join the Team

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