Common Questions

Q: What is the difference between a White Brat and a Red Brat?
A: If you’ve ever had a delicious brat before, you’ve probably had a white brat. The WHITE BRAT is a traditional pork brat, soaked in beer and onions before being grilled to perfection. The RED BRAT is our specialty that you can only get here. It is a mixture of pork and beef that is smoked and then butterfly cut. It is particularly tasty with cheddar cheese melted on top! Both of these tasty brats are made for us by Trig’s Smokehouse in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

Q: Can we bring our beloved Fido into the outdoor garden?
A: No! It’s not allowed. Try the Mounds on Stoughton Road, they are great people!

Q: Is your second floor wheelchair accessible?
A: Noooo! You can feel free to move any wheelchairs or other items to the second floor yourself, but we do not provide any services on our second floor that are not available on the first floor, and therefore we do not have wheelchair access to the second floor.

Q: Can we buy your brats in bulk? Do you ship them?
A: Yes, you can buy our Red Brats in 10 lb. boxes in person at our restaurant. However, we do NOT ship our brats.

Q: Do you have gift certificates?
A: Yes! Stop in and pick a few up, and give your loved ones the gift of Wisconsin tradition!

Q: What sports packages do you have? What events do you show?
A: At SSB, sports are always showing on our 32 TVs. Our sports packages include: NFL Network, NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN U, ESPN360, & Regional FSN Network which is Fox Sports WISCONSIN (we get two total Fox Sports channels, national and Wisconsin), and all the basic package Direct TV Digital Channels. We do NOT show PPV events of any kind. We do NOT have Fox Soccer Channel due to incredible rate increases. We also do not show GolfChannel. It is possible during major soccer tournaments or PGA tournaments we might temporarily subscribe to these extremely expensive a la carte channels, please check back in the FAQ or the homepage Bratman’s talk balloon where this information will be listed if it changes!

Q: Where is there parking?
A: Parking is available right behind our building in the Frances Street Parking Ramp. Sorry, we do not validate parking.

Q: Do you take reservations? Can we reserve the upstairs?
A: We do not take reservations — the seating style at SSB is first come, first serve. If you want to organize a private party of at least 20 people, please see our home page and submit the forms there. The second floor is available for reserved parties, as well as the VIP room! Call or e-mail us if you are interested in hosting an event at SSB! You can see a video of the VIP room under the NEWS tab, where all our cutting edge blog posts are located!


Catering Questions

Q: Do you provide condiments and plates and utensils in the cost of all CATERING EVENTS?
A: Yes!

Q: Do you charge for drinks at CATERING EVENTS?
A: Yes! It costs 1$ for a can of soda or a bottle of water, so it may be cheaper to provide your own beverages. We cannot legally sell beer or alcohol off our licensed premises. We can serve beer or alcohol that you provide including providing ice for such drinks if needed.

Q: Do you cook onsite for CATERING EVENTS? What about weather??? It might rain!
A: Yes we cook onsite. We bring the grill to the location you wish! We have tents and we can perform in any weather, although if you wish to cancel for concern for your guests, please notify us as soon as you know of your decision at

Q: Do we pay for what we order or what we use at CATERING EVENTS?
A: You only pay for what you use!

Q: What’s the room fee for during IN HOUSE CATERING EVENTS?
A: The room fee pays for extra bartenders and expo workers as well as behind the scenes staff and ordering crew for the event.

A: NO but we do a variation using tickets that you can redeem for certain drink with ticket costs being split between State Street Brats and the charitable group.

Q: Can underage guests drink at an IN HOUSE CATERING EVENT like a private party?
A: No, but they are welcome to eat and drink N/A beverages during the event.